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Trail Brake Calliper Guard - 2CP21700650007.JPG
Trail Brake Calliper Guard
Protects the callipers against damage
Made in Stainless Steel
Easy to install
Rust-proof with simple maintenance
Available in different colours
•Suzuki-» DL 1050 V-Strom 2020
Trail Chain Guard - 2CP21400550714.JPG
Trail Chain Guard
Trail Crash Bar Protections - 2CP19700330004.JPG
Trail Crash Bar Protections
Aluminum Trail Engine Guards - 2CP090_001.JPG
Aluminum Trail Engine Guards
Trail Engine Guards - 2CP09000210005.JPG
Trail Engine Guards
Trail Headligth Protection - 2CP22100230005.JPG
Trail Headligth Protection
Trail Radiator Guard  - 2CP21000400001.JPG
Trail Radiator Guard 
Radiator aluminum guard
• The CrossPro radiator were specially designed to protect your Cooling System, your bike’s most fragile and important component - without obstructing airflowto the...
Trail Radiator Protection Grids - 2CP22700580014.JPG
Trail Radiator Protection Grids
Trail Brake Fluid Reservoir Guard - 2CP2180A230001.JPG
Trail Brake Fluid Reservoir Guard
Trail Dual Clutch Transmission Guard - 2CP21900230001.JPG
Trail Dual Clutch Transmission Guard
Trail Luggage Rack - 2CP2220A230005.JPG
Trail Luggage Rack
Optimise the stowage of your luggage on your Africa Twin! The luggage rack, made of 4mm thick aluminium, is precisely laser-machined and virually doubles the usable surface area of the original Honda...
Trail Parking Brake Guard - 2CP21600230001.JPG
Trail Parking Brake Guard
Trail Side Stand Base Extention - 2CP22000231114.JPG
Trail Side Stand Base Extention
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