Passion for motorcycle sports

CrossPro was founded in 2005, a company dedicated to the production of protections and accessories to vehicles of 2 and 4 wheels.


The passion and knowledge of our founders about the modality and mechanics, allow a fast and sustainable growing of CrossPro.

Who We Are
In a short period, crosspro has built a reputation in Europe for producing the finest quality atv and 2wheels accessories in industry

Our products are made in our factory in Portugal, submitted to a strict quality control to assure the best quality in our offered products. Betting on a process of continuous improvement of our products and processes, give to our offered products a different differentiation in the market.


We bet in the increasing of our range, being watchful to the new trends of the motorcycle sports, searching to anticipate the needs of our actual and potential clients, developing new solution for them.

Mission, Vision and Values
All products tested in competion
All crosspro products are tested in competition having expert's feedback, which allows crosspro to have the products adjusted to your needs with the maximum performance assured.

Produce and sell protections of excellence for the most demanding riders in the world, our customers!

As aluminum specialists, we try to offer more and better products in different areas of business  

Every day we work to keep us on the world´s top manufacturers in our industry, seeking continuous improvement.



The customer is the reason of our existence 


Excellence is the basis of our work


We love what we do


Diverse and enlarged product range


We want to stand out from the competition


We want to be there first