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Front A-arms Covers Aluminum
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Front A-arms Covers Aluminum
Quad A-Arm Protections
• Manufactured of a high density 6mm DTC
• Does not rattle or vibrate
• Do not bend or break
• More scratch resistant than aluminum
• Half the weight of aluminum
• more
Quad A-Arm Protections • Manufactured of a high density 6mm DTC • Does not rattle or vibrate • Do not bend or break • More scratch resistant than aluminum • Half the weight of aluminum • Intensely tested by top Quad pilots • Your Quad will be completely protected against rock impacts that can destroy your A-Arms • Available in different colors Brand: CrossPro •Arctic Cat-» 1000 2012 , 2013 , 2014 , 2015
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Compatible Models
Access Years Observations REF
SP 450Todos/All2CP0380064
Adly Years Observations REF
Herkules 320 STodos/All2CP0380071
Herkules 500 STodos/All2CP0380068
Herkules 300 XS2008-20122CP0380061
Arctic Cat Years Observations REF
250 DVX2006-20082CP0380011
400 DVX2004-20082CP0450002
Can Am (BRP) Years Observations REF
DS 4502008-20152CP0380022
DS 4502008-20152CP0380059
Outlander 5002007-20122CP0380035
Outlander 5002007-20122CP0380043
Outlander 5002007-20122CP0390043
Outlander 5002007-20122CP0450035
Outlander 5002007-20122CP0450043
Renegade 5002008-20122CP0380042
Renegade 5002008-20122CP0390043
Outlander 6502006-20122CP0380035
Outlander 6502006-20122CP0380043
Outlander 6502006-20122CP0390043
Outlander 6502006-20122CP0450035
Outlander 6502006-20122CP0450043
Commander 8002012-20152CP0380063
Commander 8002012-20152CP0450063
Outlander 8002006-20122CP0380035
Outlander 8002006-20122CP0380043
Outlander 8002006-20122CP0390043
Outlander 8002006-20122CP0450035
Outlander 8002006-20122CP0450043
Renegade 8002008-20122CP0380042
Renegade 8002008-20122CP0390043
Maverick 9002017-20192CP0380094
Maverick 9002017-20192CP0390094
Commander 10002012-20152CP0380063
Commander 10002012-20152CP0450063
Maverick 100020132CP0380088
Maverick 100020132CP0390088
Maverick 100020132CP0450088
Outlander 10002013-20152CP0380086
Outlander 10002013-20162CP0380086
Outlander 10002013-20152CP0390086
Outlander 10002013-20162CP0390086
Outlander 10002013-20152CP0450086
Renegade 10002012-20152CP0380079
Renegade 10002012-20152CP0390079
Renegade 10002012-20152CP0450079
Dinli Years Observations REF
DL 4502006-20092CP0380020
E-Ton Years Observations REF
Vector ST 3002006-20142CP0380021
Goes Years Observations REF
350 S2009-20142CP0380054
450 X2009-20102CP0380019
520 Max2009-20102CP0380053
520 Max2009-20102CP0390053
Honda Years Observations REF
TRX 250EX Sportrax2001-20082CP0380025
TRX 400EX Sportrax1999-20082CP038007A
TRX 400EX Sportrax1999-20082CP0450007
TRX 400X Sportrax2009-20142CP038007A
TRX 400X Sportrax2009-20142CP0450007
TRX 450ER Sportrax20062CP0380006
TRX 450ER Sportrax2007-20142CP0380015
TRX 450ER Sportrax20062CP0450006
TRX 450ER Sportrax2007-20142CP0450015
TRX 450R Sportrax2004-20062CP0380006
TRX 450R Sportrax2007-20092CP0380015
TRX 450R Sportrax2004-20062CP0450006
TRX 450R Sportrax2007-20092CP0450015
TRX 680FA Fourtrax Rincon2008-20142CP0380050
TRX 680FA Fourtrax Rincon2008-20142CP0390050
TRX 680FGA Fourtrax Rincon2008-20092CP0380050
TRX 680FGA Fourtrax Rincon2008-20092CP0390050
TRX 700XX2008-20092CP0380051
TRX 700XX2008-20092CP0390051
TRX 700XX2008-20092CP0450051
TRX 700XX2008-20092CP1160051
Hyosung Years Observations REF
TE 4502008-20092CP0380019
Kawasaki Years Observations REF
KFX 4002003-20062CP0450002
KFX 450R2008-20142CP0380005
KFX 450R2008-20142CP0450005
KVF 650 Brute Force2005-20132CP0380040
KFX 7002004-20112CP0380024
KVF 750 Brute Force2008-20112CP0380037
KVF 750 Brute Force2008-20112CP0380052
KVF 750 Brute Force2008-20112CP0390037
KVF 750 Brute Force2008-20112CP0390052
KTM Years Observations REF
450 SX (ATV)2009-20102CP0380073
450 XC (ATV)2008-20092CP0380017
450 XC (ATV)2008-20092CP0450017
505 SX (ATV)2009-20122CP0380073
525 XC (ATV)2008-20122CP0380017
525 XC (ATV)2008-20122CP0450017
Kymco Years Observations REF
KXR 2502004-20072CP0380010
Maxxer 3002007-20122CP0380011
MXU 5002009-20102CP0380039
Polaris Years Observations REF
Outlaw 5002006-20072CP0380016
Predator 5002003-20072CP0380014
Scrambler 5002005-20072CP0380041
Sportsman 5002008-20092CP0380046
Sportsman 5002008-20092CP0390046
Outlaw 5252007-20112CP0380044
Sportsman 7002002-20082CP0380038
Sportsman 7002002-20082CP0390038
RZR 8002008-20142CP0380045
RZR 8002009-20142CP0380066
RZR 8002008-20142CP0390045
RZR 8002009-20142CP0390066
RZR 8002008-20142CP0450045
RZR 8002009-20142CP0450066
Sportsman 8002005-20152CP0380038
Sportsman 8002008-20092CP0380046
Sportsman 8002005-20152CP0390038
Sportsman 8002008-20092CP0390046
Sportsman 85020092CP0380060
Sportsman 85020092CP0390060
RZR 9002011-20142CP0380078
RZR 90020152CP0380089
RZR 9002011-20142CP0390078
RZR 90020152CP0390089
RZR 9002011-20142CP0450078
RZR 90020152CP0450089
RZR 10002014-20152CP0380087
RZR 10002014-20152CP0390087
RZR 10002014-20152CP0450087
SMC Years Observations REF
Ram 520Todos/All2CP0380065
Suzuki Years Observations REF
LT-Z 400 QuadSport2003-20142CP0450002
LT-A 450 KingQuad2007-20102CP0380062
LT-A 450 KingQuad2007-20102CP0390062
LT-R 450 QuadRacer2006-20092CP0380001
LT-R 450 QuadRacer2006-20092CP0450001
LT-A 700 KingQuad2006-20072CP0380062
LT-A 700 KingQuad2006-20072CP0390062
LT-A 750 KingQuad2008-20092CP0380062
LT-A 750 KingQuad2008-20092CP0390062
TGB Years Observations REF
Blade 25020082CP0380056
Blade 42520082CP0380057
Yamaha Years Observations REF
YFS 200 Blaster1989-20062CP0380026
YFM 250 Raptor2008-20132CP0380018
YFM 250 Raptor2008-20132CP0450018
YFM 350 Raptor2004-20132CP0380008
YFM 350 Raptor2004-20132CP0450008
YFM 350 Warrior1987-20042CP0380008
YFZ 350 Banshee1987-20062CP0380023
YFM 450 Grizzly2008-20102CP0380072
YFM 450 Grizzly2008-20102CP0390072
YFM 450 Kodiak2008-20102CP0380072
YFM 450 Kodiak2008-20102CP0390072
YFZ 4502004-20132CP0380003
YFZ 4502004-20132CP0450003
YFZ 450R2009-20192CP038055A
YFZ 450R2009-20202CP045055A
YFM 660 Grizzly2002-20082CP0380036
YFM 660 Grizzly2002-20082CP0390036
YFM 660 Raptor2001-20052CP0380009
YFM 660 Raptor2001-20052CP0450009
YFM 700 Grizzly2007-20132CP0380047
YFM 700 Grizzly2007-20132CP0390047
YFM 700 Raptor2006-20142CP0380003
YFM 700 Raptor2015-20202CP038003A
YFM 700 Raptor2006-20142CP0450003
YFM 700 Raptor2015-20202CP045003A
YXZ 1000 R20162CP0380092
YXZ 1000 R20162CP0390092
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