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Exhaust Protections
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Exhaust Protections
• Our exhaust silencer protections are a excellent solution to protect from falls
• The product is heat resistant and won´t degrade easily
• Adjustable to the exhaust using a clamp (included)
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• Our exhaust silencer protections are a excellent solution to protect from falls • The product is heat resistant and won´t degrade easily • Adjustable to the exhaust using a clamp (included) • Available in different colors. Beside the protection allow you to personalize. Brand: Protescap
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Compatible Models
Beta Years Observations REF
RR 2T 2502013-2018RP3050
X-Trainer 2502018RP3050
RR 2T 3002013-2018RP3050
X-Trainer 3002015-2018RP3050
RR 4T 3502012-2018RP3050
RR 4T 3902015-2018RP3050
RR 4T 4002012-2014RP3050
RR 4T 4302015-2018RP3050
RR 4T 4502012-2014RP3050
RR 4T 4802015-2018RP3050
RR 4T 4982012-2014RP3050
GasGas Years Observations REF
EC 1251999-2015RP3050
EC 2001999-2017RP3050
EC 2002018-2020RP3050
EC 2501999-2017RP3050
EC 2502018-2020RP3050
XC 2502018RP3050
EC 3001999-2017RP3050
EC 3002018-2020RP3050
XC 3002018RP3050
Husaberg Years Observations REF
FE 2502013RP3050
TE 2502011-2013RP3050
TE 3002011-2013RP3050
FE 3502013RP3050
FE 3902010-2012RP3050
FE 4502009-2012RP3050
FE 4502013RP3050
FE 5702009-2012RP3050
Husqvarna Years Observations REF
TC 1252016-2018RP3050
TE 1252012RP3050
TE 1252014-2016RP3050
FE 2502014-2016RP3050
FE 2502017-2018RP3050
FE 2502020RP3050
TC 2502017-2018RP3050
TE 2502011-2016RP3050
TE 2502014-2016RP3050
TE 2502017-2019RP3050
TE 2502020RP3050
WR 2502004-2014RP3050
TE 3002014-2016RP3050
TE 3002017-2019RP3050
TE 3002020RP3050
TX 3002017-2018RP3050
FE 3502014-2016RP3050
FE 3502017-2018RP3050
FE 3502020RP3050
FE 350S2020RP3050
FE 4502017-2019RP3050
FE 4502020RP3050
FE 5012017-2019RP3050
FE 5012020RP3050
FE 501S2020RP3050
KTM Years Observations REF
125 EXC2012-2016RP3050
125 EXC2017RP3050
125 SX2016-2018RP3050
200 EXC2006-2016RP3050
250 EXC1998-2003RP3050
250 EXC2004-2010RP3050
250 EXC2011-2016RP3050
250 EXC2017-2019RP3050
250 EXC2020RP3050
250 EXC Six Days2017-2019RP3050
250 EXC-F2005-2007RP3050
250 EXC-F2008-2013RP3050
250 EXC-F2014-2016RP3050
250 EXC-F2017-2018RP3050
250 EXC-F2020RP3050
250 EXC-F Six Days2020RP3050
250 SX2011-2016RP3050
250 SX2017-2018RP3050
250 SX-F2012-2013RP3050
250 XC2017-2018RP3050
250 XC-W2017-2019RP3050
300 EXC2004-2010RP3050
300 EXC2011-2016RP3050
300 EXC2017-2019RP3050
300 EXC2020RP3050
300 EXC Six Days2017-2019RP3050
300 XC2017-2018RP3050
300 XC-W2017-2019RP3050
300 XC-W Six Days2017-2019RP3050
350 EXC-F2012-2016RP3050
350 EXC-F2017-2018RP3050
350 EXC-F2020RP3050
350 EXC-F Six Days2020RP3050
350 XCF-W2020RP3050
400 EXC-F2005-2007RP3050
400 EXC-F2009-2011RP3050
450 EXC-F2005-2007RP3050
450 EXC-F2008-2011RP3050
450 EXC-F2012-2016RP3050
450 EXC-F2017-2019RP3050
450 EXC-F2020RP3050
450 EXC-F Six Days2017-2019RP3050
450 EXC-F Six Days2020RP3050
500 EXC-F2012-2016RP3050
500 EXC-F2017-2019RP3050
500 EXC-F2020RP3050
500 EXC-F Six Days2017-2019RP3050
500 EXC-F Six Days2020RP3050
525 EXC-F2005-2007RP3050
530 EXC-F2008-2011RP3050
Sherco Years Observations REF
SE 250R2014RP3050
SE 250R2015-2019RP3050
SEF 250R2013-2016RP3050
SE 300R2014RP3050
SE 300R2015-2019RP3050
SEF 300R2013-2016RP3050
SEF 450R2015-2016RP3050
Yamaha Years Observations REF
YZ 2502005-2018RP3050
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