dtc enduro engine and link guard
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dtc enduro engine and link guard

DTC Enduro engine and link guard
DTC Enduro engine and link guard -
DTC Enduro engine and link guard
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Compatible Models
Beta Years Observations REF
RR 2T 1252018-20192CP1930183
RR 2T 1252020-20222CP1930212
RR 2T 2002020-20222CP1930212
RR 2T 2502013-20172CP1930116
RR 2T 2502018-20192CP1930178
RR 2T 2502020-20212CP1930204
RR 2T 3002013-20172CP1930116
RR 2T 3002018-20192CP1930178
RR 2T 3002020-20212CP1930204
RR 4T 3502011-20172CP1930121
RR 4T 3502018-20192CP1930184
RR 4T 3502020-20222CP1930205
RR 4T 3902015-20172CP1930121
RR 4T 3902018-20192CP1930184
RR 4T 3902020-20222CP1930205
RR 4T 4002010-20142CP1930121
RR 4T 4302015-20172CP1930121
RR 4T 4302018-20192CP1930184
RR 4T 4302020-20222CP1930205
RR 4T 4502010-20142CP1930121
RR 4T 4802015-20172CP1930121
RR 4T 4802018-20192CP1930184
RR 4T 4802020-20222CP1930205
RR 4T 4982012-20142CP1930121
RR 4T 5002020-20222CP1930205
RR 4T 5202010-20112CP1930121
Fantic Years Observations REF
XE 1252020-20222CP1930020
XX 1252020-20222CP1930020
XEF 2502020-20222CP1930193
XX 2502020-20222CP193165A
XXF 25020222CP1930193
XEF 45020222CP1930196
XXF 45020222CP1930196
GasGas Years Observations REF
MC 1252021-20222CP1930187
EC 2502021-20222CP1930202
EC 250F2021-20222CP1930201
EX 250F2021-20222CP1930201
MC 250F2021-20222CP193188B
EC 3002021-20222CP1930202
EC 350F2021-20222CP1930201
EX 350F2021-20222CP1930201
MC 350F20222CP193188B
EX 450F2021-20222CP1930189
MC 450F2021-20222CP1930189
Honda Years Observations REF
CRF 250R2014-20172CP1930126
CRF 450L2019-20212CP1930195
CRF 450R2009-20162CP1930114
CRF 450R2017-20202CP1930176
CRF 450RX2017-20202CP1930176
Husaberg Years Observations REF
FE 35020132CP1930111
Husqvarna Years Observations REF
TC 1252020-20222CP1930187
TX 12520192CP1930187
TE 1502019-20232CP1930187
FC 2502014-20152CP1930111
FC 2502016-20182CP1930151
FC 25020192CP1930188
FC 2502016-20182CP193151A
FC 2502019-20222CP193188B
FE 2502014-20162CP1930111
FE 2502017-20182CP1930151
FE 2502019-20232CP1930201
FE 2502017-20182CP193151A
TC 25020192CP1930190
TE 2502017-20192CP1930167
TE 2502017-20182CP1930169
TE 2502020-20232CP1930202
TE 2502017-20192CP193167A
TE 3002017-20192CP1930167
TE 3002017-20182CP1930169
TE 3002020-20232CP1930202
TE 3002017-20192CP193167A
TX 3002020-20222CP1930202
FC 3502014-20152CP1930111
FC 3502016-20182CP1930151
FC 35020192CP1930188
FC 3502016-20182CP193151A
FC 3502019-20222CP193188B
FE 3502014-20162CP1930111
FE 3502017-20182CP1930151
FE 3502019-20232CP1930201
FE 3502017-20182CP193151A
FX 3502020-20222CP193188B
FC 4502016-20182CP1930153
FC 4502019-20222CP1930189
FC 4502016-20182CP193153A
FE 4502017-20192CP1930153
FE 4502017-20192CP193153A
FX 4502020-20222CP1930189
FE 5012017-20192CP1930153
FE 5012017-20192CP193153A
Kawasaki Years Observations REF
KX 250F2017-20202CP1930173
KLX 450R2021-20222CP1930192
KX 450F2017-20182CP1930174
KX 450F2019-20222CP1930192
KX 450XC2021-20222CP1930192
KTM Years Observations REF
125 SX2016-20182CP1930164
125 SX2020-20222CP1930187
150 SX2016-20182CP1930164
150 SX2020-20222CP1930187
250 SX2017-20182CP1930167
250 SX2017-20182CP1930169
250 SX20192CP1930190
250 SX2020-20222CP1930202
250 SX2017-20182CP193167A
250 SX-F2013-20152CP1930111
250 SX-F2016-20182CP1930151
250 SX-F20192CP1930188
250 SX-F2016-20182CP193151A
250 SX-F2019-20222CP193188B
250 XC2017-20182CP1930167
250 XC2017-20182CP1930169
250 XC20192CP1930190
250 XC2020-20222CP1930202
250 XC2017-20182CP193167A
250 XC-F2011-20152CP1930111
250 XC-F2016-20182CP1930151
250 XC-F20192CP1930188
250 XC-F2016-20182CP193151A
250 XC-F2019-20222CP193188B
300 XC2017-20182CP1930167
300 XC2017-20182CP1930169
300 XC20192CP1930190
300 XC2020-20222CP1930202
300 XC2017-20182CP193167A
350 SX-F2011-20152CP1930111
350 SX-F2016-20182CP1930151
350 SX-F20192CP1930188
350 SX-F2016-20182CP193151A
350 SX-F2019-20222CP193188B
350 XC-F2011-20152CP1930111
350 XC-F2016-20182CP1930151
350 XC-F20192CP1930188
350 XC-F2016-20182CP193151A
350 XC-F2019-20222CP193188B
450 SX-F2016-20182CP1930153
450 SX-F2019-20222CP1930189
450 SX-F2016-20182CP193153A
450 XC-F2016-20182CP1930153
450 XC-F2019-20222CP1930189
450 XC-F2016-20182CP193153A
Sherco Years Observations REF
SE 125R2018-20222CP1930182
SE 250R2017-20182CP1930175
SE 250R2019-20222CP1930197
SEF 250R2015-20182CP1930134
SEF 250R20192CP1930198
SE 300R2017-20182CP1930175
SE 300R2019-20222CP1930197
SEF 300R2015-20182CP1930134
SEF 300R20192CP1930198
Suzuki Years Observations REF
RM-Z 2502015-20182CP1930138
RM-Z 4502010-20172CP1930058
RM-Z 45020182CP1930186
TM Racing Years Observations REF
EN 250 2T2015-20182CP1930155
EN 250 2T2019-20212CP1930194
EN 250 F 4T2016-20212CP1930170
MX 250 2T2019-20212CP1930194
EN 300 2T2015-20182CP1930155
EN 300 2T2019-20212CP1930194
EN 300 F 4T2017-20212CP1930170
MX 300 2T2019-20212CP1930194
Yamaha Years Observations REF
YZ 1252006-20222CP1930020
YZ 125X2020-20222CP1930020
WR 250 F2020-20222CP1930193
WR 250 F20222CP1930193
WR 250 F2015-20192CP193145A
YZ 2502005-20222CP193165A
YZ 250 F2014-20182CP1930128
YZ 250 F2019-20222CP1930193
YZ 250 FX2019-20222CP1930193
YZ 250 X2016-20222CP193165A
WR 450 F2019-20222CP1930196
WR 450 F2016-20182CP193163A
YZ 450 F2014-20172CP1930124
YZ 450 F2019-20222CP1930196
YZ 450 F2014-20172CP193124A
YZ 450 F20182CP193180A
YZ 450 FX2019-20222CP1930196
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