dtc enduro engine and link guard
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dtc enduro engine and link guard

DTC Enduro engine and link guard
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DTC Enduro engine and link guard
DTC enduro engine guard with link protection
• Noting the increasing necessity to protect more the bikes, CrossPro introduce in the range the DTC Engine Protection, that now also protect the...read more
DTC enduro engine guard with link protection • Noting the increasing necessity to protect more the bikes, CrossPro introduce in the range the DTC Engine Protection, that now also protect the Suspension Link. • One complete piece for protect your bike for frame, carter and suspension link protection • Extra protection for extreme conditions • Tested in competition • Made by 6mm best quality DTC, with no welding, these engine guards are 40% lighter than aluminum, dont break and dont cause vibrations, and is much more resistant to impact. • Available in different colors Brand: CrossPro •Husqvarna-» FC 250 2016 , 2017 , 2018 , FC 350 2016 , 2017 , 2018 , FE 250 2017 , 2018 , FE 350 2017 , 2018 , •KTM-» 250 SX-F 2016 , 2017 , 2018 , 250 XC-F 2016 , 2017 , 2018 , 350 SX-F 2016 , 2017 , 2018 , 350 XC-F 2016 , 2017 , 2018
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Compatible Models
Beta Years Observations REF
RR 2T 1252018-20192CP1930183
RR 2T 1252020-20222CP1930212
RR 2T 2002020-20222CP1930212
RR 2T 2502013-20172CP1930116
RR 2T 2502018-20192CP1930178
RR 2T 2502020-20212CP1930204
RR 2T 3002013-20172CP1930116
RR 2T 3002018-20192CP1930178
RR 2T 3002020-20212CP1930204
RR 4T 3502011-20172CP1930121
RR 4T 3502018-20192CP1930184
RR 4T 3502020-20222CP1930205
RR 4T 3902015-20172CP1930121
RR 4T 3902018-20192CP1930184
RR 4T 3902020-20222CP1930205
RR 4T 4002010-20142CP1930121
RR 4T 4302015-20172CP1930121
RR 4T 4302018-20192CP1930184
RR 4T 4302020-20222CP1930205
RR 4T 4502010-20142CP1930121
RR 4T 4802015-20172CP1930121
RR 4T 4802018-20192CP1930184
RR 4T 4802020-20222CP1930205
RR 4T 4982012-20142CP1930121
RR 4T 5002020-20222CP1930205
RR 4T 5202010-20112CP1930121
Fantic Years Observations REF
XE 1252020-20222CP1930020
XX 1252020-20222CP1930020
GasGas Years Observations REF
EC 25020212CP1930202
EC 250F2021-20222CP1930201
MC 250F2021-20222CP193188B
EC 30020212CP1930202
EC 350F2021-20222CP1930201
MC 350F20222CP193188B
MC 450F2021-20222CP1930189
Honda Years Observations REF
CRF 250R2014-20172CP1930126
CRF 250R2018-20202CP1930185
CRF 250RX2019-20202CP1930185
CRF 300RX2019-20202CP1930185
CRF 450L2019-20212CP1930195
CRF 450R2009-20162CP1930114
CRF 450R2017-20202CP1930176
CRF 450RX2017-20202CP1930176
Husaberg Years Observations REF
FE 35020132CP1930111
Husqvarna Years Observations REF
TX 12520192CP1930187
TX 12520192CP193187A
TE 1502019-20202CP1930187
TE 1502019-20202CP193187A
FC 2502014-20152CP1930111
FC 2502016-20182CP1930151
FC 25020192CP1930188
FC 2502016-20182CP193151A
FC 2502019-20222CP193188B
FE 2502014-20162CP1930111
FE 2502017-20182CP1930151
FE 2502019-20222CP1930201
FE 2502017-20182CP193151A
TC 25020192CP1930190
TE 2502017-20192CP1930167
TE 25020192CP1930167
TE 2502017-20182CP1930169
TE 2502017-20192CP193167A
TE 25020192CP193167A
TE 250i2020-20212CP1930202
TE 3002017-20192CP1930167
TE 30020192CP1930167
TE 3002017-20182CP1930169
TE 3002017-20192CP193167A
TE 30020192CP193167A
TE 300i2020-20212CP1930202
FC 3502014-20152CP1930111
FC 3502016-20182CP1930151
FC 35020192CP1930188
FC 3502016-20182CP193151A
FC 3502019-20222CP193188B
FE 3502014-20162CP1930111
FE 3502017-20182CP1930151
FE 3502019-20222CP1930201
FE 3502017-20182CP193151A
FC 4502016-20182CP1930153
FC 4502019-20222CP1930189
FC 4502016-20182CP193153A
FE 4502017-20192CP1930153
FE 4502017-20192CP193153A
FE 5012017-20192CP1930153
FE 5012017-20192CP193153A
Kawasaki Years Observations REF
KX 250F2017-20202CP1930173
KLX 450R2021-20222CP1930192
KX 450F2017-20182CP1930174
KX 450F2019-20222CP1930192
KX 450XC2021-20222CP1930192
KTM Years Observations REF
125 SX2016-20182CP1930164
150 SX2016-20182CP1930164
250 SX2017-20182CP1930167
250 SX2017-20182CP1930169
250 SX20192CP1930190
250 SX2020-20212CP1930202
250 SX2017-20182CP193167A
250 SX-F2013-20152CP1930111
250 SX-F2016-20182CP1930151
250 SX-F20192CP1930188
250 SX-F2016-20182CP193151A
250 SX-F2019-20222CP193188B
250 XC2017-20182CP1930167
250 XC2017-20182CP1930169
250 XC20192CP1930190
250 XC2017-20182CP193167A
250 XC TPI2020-20212CP1930202
250 XC-F2011-20152CP1930111
250 XC-F2016-20182CP1930151
250 XC-F20192CP1930188
250 XC-F2016-20182CP193151A
250 XC-F2019-20222CP193188B
300 XC2017-20182CP1930167
300 XC2017-20182CP1930169
300 XC20192CP1930190
300 XC2017-20182CP193167A
300 XC TPI2020-20212CP1930202
350 SX-F2011-20152CP1930111
350 SX-F2016-20182CP1930151
350 SX-F20192CP1930188
350 SX-F2016-20182CP193151A
350 SX-F2019-20222CP193188B
350 XC-F2011-20152CP1930111
350 XC-F2016-20182CP1930151
350 XC-F20192CP1930188
350 XC-F2016-20182CP193151A
350 XC-F2019-20222CP193188B
450 SX-F2016-20182CP1930153
450 SX-F2019-20222CP1930189
450 SX-F2016-20182CP193153A
450 XC-F2016-20182CP1930153
450 XC-F2019-20222CP1930189
450 XC-F2016-20182CP193153A
Sherco Years Observations REF
SE 125R20182CP1930182
SE 250R2017-20182CP1930175
SE 250R20192CP1930197
SEF 250R2015-20182CP1930134
SEF 250R20192CP1930198
SE 300R2017-20182CP1930175
SE 300R20192CP1930197
SEF 300R2015-20182CP1930134
SEF 300R20192CP1930198
Suzuki Years Observations REF
RM-Z 2502015-20182CP1930138
RM-Z 4502010-20172CP1930058
RM-Z 45020182CP1930186
TM Racing Years Observations REF
EN 250 2T2015-20182CP1930155
EN 250 2T2019-20212CP1930194
EN 250 F 4T2016-20212CP1930170
MX 250 2T2019-20212CP1930194
EN 300 2T2015-20182CP1930155
EN 300 2T2019-20212CP1930194
EN 300 F 4T2017-20212CP1930170
MX 300 2T2019-20212CP1930194
Yamaha Years Observations REF
YZ 1252006-20222CP1930020
YZ 125X2020-20222CP1930020
WR 250 F2020-20212CP1930193
WR 250 F2015-20192CP193145A
YZ 2502005-20192CP193165A
YZ 250 F2014-20182CP1930128
YZ 250 F2019-20212CP1930193
YZ 250 X2016-20192CP193165A
WR 450 F2019-20212CP1930196
WR 450 F2016-20182CP193163A
YZ 450 F2014-20172CP1930124
YZ 450 F2019-20212CP1930196
YZ 450 F2014-20172CP193124A
YZ 450 F20182CP193180A
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