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Aluminum Motocross Engine Guard
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Aluminum Motocross Engine Guard
Motocross aluminum engine guard
• CrossPro motocross and supermoto plates give your engine and lower frame, the protection they need helping you glide over obstacles
• Our coverage, simplicity more
Motocross aluminum engine guard • CrossPro motocross and supermoto plates give your engine and lower frame, the protection they need helping you glide over obstacles • Our coverage, simplicity of mounting, and product finally quality are the reasons why you should equip your bike with CrossPro glide • Made by best quality aluminum, with a thickness of 4mm Brand: CrossPro •Husaberg-» FE 450 2006 , 2007 , 2008 , FE 550 2006 , 2007 , 2008
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Compatible Models
Beta Years Observations REF
RR 4T 125 LC2010-20152CP0610127
RR 2T 2502013-20162CP0610116
RR 2T 2502013-20172CP061116A
RR 4T 2502005-20072CP0610023
RR 2T 3002013-20162CP0610116
RR 2T 3002013-20172CP061116A
X-Trainer 30020152CP0610150
RR 4T 3502011-20192CP061080A
RR 4T 3902015-20192CP061080A
RR 4T 4002005-20092CP0610023
RR 4T 4002010-20142CP061080A
RR 4T 4302015-20192CP061080A
RR 4T 4502005-20092CP0610023
RR 4T 4502010-20142CP061080A
RR 4T 4802015-20192CP061080A
RR 4T 4982012-20142CP061080A
RR 4T 5202010-20112CP061080A
RR 4T 5252005-20092CP0610023
BMW Years Observations REF
G 450 X2009-20102CP0610081
GasGas Years Observations REF
EC 1252001-20092CP0610007
EC 1252010-20112CP0610067
EC 1252012-20132CP0610123
MC 1252002-20072CP0610007
EC 2002000-20092CP0610008
EC 20020102CP0610055
EC 20020112CP0610073
EC 2002014-20172CP0610129
EC 2502000-20092CP0610008
EC 25020102CP0610055
EC 25020112CP0610073
EC 2502014-20172CP0610129
EC 25020212CP0610202
EC 250F2010-20112CP0610052
EC 250F20212CP0610201
MC 2502000-20092CP0610008
MC 250F20212CP0610188
EC 3002000-20092CP0610008
EC 30020102CP0610055
EC 30020112CP0610073
EC 3002014-20172CP0610129
EC 30020212CP0610202
EC 350F20212CP0610201
MC 450F20212CP0610189
Honda Years Observations REF
CRF 150R2007-20182CP0610113
CRF 230F2007-20092CP0610006
CRF 230F20112CP0610006
CR 250R2002-20072CP0610091
CRF 250R2004-20092CP0610005
CRF 250R2010-20132CP0610064
CRF 250R2014-20172CP0610126
CRF 250R2018-20192CP0610185
CRF 250RX2019-20202CP0610185
CRF 250X2004-20172CP0610004
CRF 300RX2019-20202CP0610185
CRF 450L20192CP0610195
CRF 450R2005-20082CP0610002
CRF 450R2002-20042CP0610044
CRF 450R2009-20122CP0610049
CRF 450R2013-20152CP0610114
CRF 450R20162CP0610162
CRF 450R2017-20192CP0610176
CRF 450RX2017-20192CP0610176
CRF 450X2005-20182CP0610003
Husaberg Years Observations REF
TE 1252012-20132CP061063A
FE 25020132CP0610109
TE 25020132CP0610133
TE 25020122CP061069A
TE 30020132CP0610133
TE 30020122CP061069A
FE 35020132CP0610084
FE 3902010-20122CP0610047
FE 4502006-20082CP0610021
FE 4502009-20122CP0610047
FE 45020132CP0610137
FE 50120132CP0610137
FE 5502006-20082CP0610021
FE 5702009-20122CP0610047
Husqvarna Years Observations REF
TC 8520162CP0610154
CR 1252008-20122CP0610062
TX 12520192CP0610187
WR 1252008-20122CP0610062
TE 1502019-20202CP0610187
FC 2502016-20182CP0610151
FC 2502019-20212CP0610188
FE 2502017-20182CP0610151
FE 2502019-20212CP0610201
FE 2502014-20162CP061111A
TC 2502004-20072CP0610012
TC 25020082CP0610013
TC 25020102CP0610056
TC 2502011-20132CP0610078
TC 25020192CP0610190
TE 2502004-20072CP0610012
TE 2502008-20092CP0610013
TE 25020102CP0610056
TE 2502011-20132CP0610078
TE 2502014-20152CP0610133
TE 25020162CP0610156
TE 2502017-20182CP0610167
TE 25020192CP0610199
TE 250i2020-20212CP0610202
WR 2502008-20132CP0610048
TE 3002014-20152CP0610133
TE 30020162CP0610156
TE 3002017-20182CP0610167
TE 30020192CP0610199
TE 300i2020-20212CP0610202
WR 3002009-20132CP0610048
TE 3102009-20102CP0610013
TE 3102011-20132CP0610078
FC 3502016-20182CP0610151
FC 3502019-20212CP0610188
FC 3502014-20152CP061111A
FE 3502017-20182CP0610151
FE 3502019-20212CP0610201
FE 3502014-20162CP061111A
FE 350S20162CP061111A
TC 4492011-20132CP0610077
TE 4492011-20132CP0610077
FC 4502016-20182CP0610153
FC 4502019-20212CP0610189
FC 4502014-20152CP061111A
FE 4502017-20202CP0610153
TC 4502004-20072CP0610012
TC 4502008-20102CP0610013
TE 4502004-20072CP0610012
TE 4502008-20102CP0610013
FE 5012017-20202CP0610153
TC 5102005-20072CP0610012
TC 5102008-20092CP0610013
TE 5102004-20072CP0610012
TE 5102008-20102CP0610013
TE 510R20042CP0610012
TE 5112011-20132CP0610077
TE 6102006-20082CP0610036
Kawasaki Years Observations REF
KX 852004-20132CP0610112
KX 250F2006-20082CP0610019
KX 250F20092CP0610051
KX 250F2010-20162CP0610065
KX 250F2017-20202CP0610173
KLX 450R2008-20152CP0610001
KX 450F2006-20082CP0610045
KX 450F2009-20152CP0610057
KX 450F2016-20182CP0610152
KX 450F20192CP0610192
KTM Years Observations REF
65 SX20142CP0610130
85 SX2004-20122CP0610104
85 SX2013-20152CP0610120
85 SX20162CP0610154
125 EXC2004-20072CP0610040
125 EXC20172CP0610187
125 EXC2008-20162CP061063A
125 SX2004-20062CP0610040
125 SX2012-20152CP0610107
125 SX2016-20182CP0610164
125 SX20192CP0610187
125 SX2007-20112CP061063A
125 XC-W2017-20182CP0610187
150 SX2012-20152CP0610107
150 SX2016-20182CP0610164
150 SX2009-20112CP061063A
150 XC2012-20142CP0610107
150 XC2010-20112CP061063A
150 XC-W2017-20182CP0610187
200 EXC2004-20072CP0610040
200 EXC2008-20162CP061063A
200 SX20042CP0610040
200 XC-W20162CP061063A
250 EXC2008-20102CP0610037
250 EXC2001-20072CP0610079
250 EXC2012-20162CP0610133
250 EXC2017-20182CP0610167
250 EXC20192CP0610199
250 EXC20112CP061069A
250 EXC2001-20072CP061079A
250 EXC TPI2020-20212CP0610202
250 EXC TPI Six Days2020-20212CP0610202
250 EXC TPI Six Days20212CP0610202
250 EXC-F20072CP0610025
250 EXC-F2001-20032CP0610032
250 EXC-F2008-20112CP0610039
250 EXC-F2012-20132CP0610109
250 EXC-F2017-20192CP0610171
250 EXC-F2020-20212CP0610201
250 EXC-F20142CP061122A
250 EXC-F20162CP061122A
250 SX2007-20102CP0610037
250 SX2001-20062CP0610079
250 SX2012-20142CP0610100
250 SX20192CP0610190
250 SX2020-20212CP0610202
250 SX20112CP061069A
250 SX2001-20062CP061079A
250 SX-F20062CP0610025
250 SX-F2007-20092CP0610039
250 SX-F20112CP0610072
250 SX-F20102CP0610074
250 SX-F20122CP0610090
250 SX-F2013-20142CP0610119
250 SX-F2016-20182CP0610151
250 SX-F2019-20212CP0610188
250 SX-F20152CP061111A
250 XC2012-20142CP0610100
250 XC20192CP0610190
250 XC TPI2020-20212CP0610202
250 XC-F2016-20182CP0610151
250 XC-F2019-20212CP0610188
250 XC-W20162CP0610133
250 XC-W2017-20182CP0610167
250 XC-W20192CP0610199
250 XC-W TPI2020-20212CP0610202
250 XCF-W20162CP061122A
300 EXC2009-20102CP0610037
300 EXC2001-20072CP0610079
300 EXC2012-20162CP0610133
300 EXC2017-20182CP0610167
300 EXC20192CP0610199
300 EXC2020-20212CP0610202
300 EXC20112CP061069A
300 EXC2001-20072CP061079A
300 EXC TPI2020-20212CP0610202
300 EXC TPI Erzberg Edition2020-20212CP0610202
300 EXC TPI Six Days2020-20212CP0610202
300 XC2012-20142CP0610100
300 XC20192CP0610190
300 XC TPI2020-20212CP0610202
300 XC-W20162CP0610133
300 XC-W2017-20182CP0610167
300 XC-W20192CP0610199
300 XC-W TPI2020-20212CP0610202
300 XC-W TPI Erzberg Edition2020-20212CP0610202
300 XC-W TPI Six Days20202CP0610202
350 EXC-F2012-20142CP0610084
350 EXC-F2017-20192CP0610171
350 EXC-F2020-20212CP0610201
350 EXC-F2015-20162CP061122A
350 SX-F2011-20152CP0610070
350 SX-F2016-20182CP0610151
350 SX-F2019-20212CP0610188
350 XC-F2016-20182CP0610151
350 XC-F2019-20212CP0610188
350 XC-F2012-20142CP061111A
350 XCF-W20212CP0610201
350 XCF-W20162CP061122A
400 EXC-F2009-20112CP0610030
400 EXC-F2001-20022CP0610032
400 EXC-F2004-20072CP0610033
400 SX-F2000-20022CP0610032
450 EXC-F2008-20112CP0610030
450 EXC-F20032CP0610032
450 EXC-F2004-20072CP0610033
450 EXC-F2012-20162CP0610137
450 EXC-F20202CP0610153
450 EXC-F2017-20192CP0610168
450 SX-F2007-20102CP0610031
450 SX-F2003-20062CP0610033
450 SX-F2011-20122CP0610071
450 SX-F2013-20142CP0610137
450 SX-F2016-20182CP0610153
450 SX-F2019-20212CP0610189
450 XC-F2016-20182CP0610153
450 XC-F2019-20212CP0610189
450 XC-W2012-20162CP0610137
500 EXC-F2012-20162CP0610137
500 EXC-F20202CP0610153
500 EXC-F2017-20192CP0610168
500 XCF-W2012-20162CP0610137
500 XCF-W20202CP0610153
505 SX-F2007-20082CP0610031
525 EXC-F20032CP0610032
525 EXC-F2004-20072CP0610033
525 SX-F2003-20062CP0610033
530 EXC-F2008-20112CP0610030
Sherco Years Observations REF
SE 250R2014-20162CP0610099
SE 250R2017-20182CP0610175
SEF 250R2012-20142CP0610092
SE 300R2014-20162CP0610099
SE 300R2017-20182CP0610175
SEF 300R2012-20142CP0610092
Suzuki Years Observations REF
RM 852002-20152CP0610106
RM-Z 2502007-20092CP0610009
RM-Z 25020152CP0610138
RM-Z 25020162CP0610160
RM-Z 2502017-20182CP0610172
RM-Z 2502010-20142CP061059A
DR-Z 400E2000-20072CP0610068
DR-Z 400S2000-20152CP0610068
DR-Z 400SM2005-20092CP0610068
DR-Z 400SM2013-20152CP0610068
RM-Z 4502005-20072CP0610010
RM-Z 4502008-20092CP0610011
RM-Z 4502010-20132CP0610058
RM-Z 4502016-20172CP0610161
RM-Z 45020182CP0610186
RM-Z 4502010-20152CP061058A
RMX 450Z2010-20112CP0610060
RMX 450Z2017-20182CP0610060
TM Racing Years Observations REF
EN 125 2T2008-20152CP0610041
EN 125 2T2016-20212CP0610158
EN 144 2T2009-20152CP0610041
EN 144 2T2016-20212CP0610158
EN 250 2T2004-20072CP0610022
EN 250 2T2008-20102CP0610038
EN 250 2T2011-20142CP0610125
EN 250 2T20152CP0610147
EN 250 2T2016-20182CP0610155
EN 250 2T2019-20202CP0610194
EN 250 F 4T2008-20102CP0610050
EN 250 F 4T20152CP0610148
EN 250 F 4T2011-20142CP0610159
MX 250 2T2019-20202CP0610194
EN 300 2T2004-20072CP0610022
EN 300 2T2008-20102CP0610038
EN 300 2T2011-20142CP0610125
EN 300 2T20152CP0610147
EN 300 2T2016-20182CP0610155
EN 300 2T2019-20202CP0610194
MX 300 2T2019-20202CP0610194
EN 450 F 4T2008-20142CP0610050
EN 530 F 4T2008-20142CP0610050
Yamaha Years Observations REF
WR 250 F2007-20142CP0610014
WR 250 F2015-20192CP0610145
WR 250 F2020-20212CP0610193
YZ 2502005-20192CP0610017
YZ 250 F2006-20092CP0610016
YZ 250 F2010-20132CP0610054
YZ 250 F2014-20182CP0610128
YZ 250 F2019-20212CP0610193
WR 450 F2007-20112CP0610015
WR 450 F2003-20062CP0610066
WR 450 F2012-20152CP0610098
WR 450 F2016-20182CP0610163
WR 450 F2019-20212CP0610180
YZ 450 F2006-20092CP0610018
YZ 450 F2010-20132CP0610061
YZ 450 F2014-20172CP0610124
YZ 450 F2018-20212CP0610180
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