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Fork Wrench Tools
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Fork Wrench Tools
Sorry but the product description is not yet available due to the site´s restructuring.Fork Wrench: • For easy removal and installation of fork caps • Designed to prevent "rounding" the top of the fork cap • Ultra resistent • Available for diferente sizes • Aluminum 5mm Brand: CrossPro Lista de Aplicações: •Honda-» CRF 450R 2017,2018, CRF 450RX 2017,2018, •Sherco-» SE 125R 2018, SE 250R 2015,2016,2017, SE 300R 2015,2016,2017, SEF 250R 2015,2016,2017, SEF 300R 2015,2016,2017, SEF 450R 2015,2016,2017, •Yamaha-» WR 250 F 2018
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Compatible Models
GasGas Years Observations REF
EC 2502018-20202CP072CH01
EC 250F20212CP072CH04
XC 25020182CP072CH01
EC 3002018-20202CP072CH01
XC 30020182CP072CH01
EC 350F20212CP072CH04
Honda Years Observations REF
CRF 450R2017-20182CP072CH02
CRF 450RX2017-20182CP072CH02
Husqvarna Years Observations REF
TE 15020202CP072CH04
FE 2502020-20212CP072CH04
TE 2502019-20202CP072CH04
TE 3002019-20202CP072CH04
FE 3502020-20212CP072CH04
FE 45020202CP072CH04
FE 50120202CP072CH04
Kawasaki Years Observations REF
KX 250F20212CP072CH01
KTM Years Observations REF
250 EXC20202CP072CH04
250 EXC-F20212CP072CH04
300 EXC20202CP072CH04
350 EXC-F20212CP072CH04
Sherco Years Observations REF
SE 125R20182CP072CH02
SE 250R20192CP072CH01
SE 250R2015-20172CP072CH02
SEF 250R2019-20202CP072CH01
SEF 250R2015-20172CP072CH02
SE 300R20192CP072CH01
SE 300R2015-20172CP072CH02
SEF 300R2019-20202CP072CH01
SEF 300R2015-20172CP072CH02
SEF 450R2015-20172CP072CH02
TM Racing Years Observations REF
EN 125 2T2016-20192CP072CH01
EN 144 2T2016-20192CP072CH01
EN 250 2T2019-20202CP072CH01
MX 250 2T2019-20202CP072CH01
EN 300 2T2019-20202CP072CH01
MX 300 2T2019-20202CP072CH01
Yamaha Years Observations REF
YZ 1252019-20202CP072CH01
WR 250 F20182CP072CH02
YZ 250 F2019-20202CP072CH01
WR 450 F20192CP072CH01
YZ 450 F2018-20192CP072CH01
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